Service Provided: :

Translation and Interpretation services for Japanese Language in Technical Fields.

About Us:

Established in December 1989 as a freelance Interpreter & Translator in Japanese Language having associates on requirement basis as per the jobs.

Translation is serious business. A badly translated document could mean loss of reputation, not to mention potential financial losses. So when it comes to your documents, trust only the experts. Benefit from our knowledge, expertise and infrastructure and give your products and services the distinctive edge.

Language is not a science. We look at it as a form of art. It is hence very difficult to say what exactly makes a translation bad. We have actually gone ahead and defined what quality in translation should actually imply. This we have done on the basis of an in-depth assessment of the thousands of translation projects we have undertaken over more than a decade and after discussing with clients what they expect from us.

So with us, this is what you are assured of:

  • Complete understanding of the source text
  • The central idea of the source text being conveyed in an understandable manner
  • No omissions
  • No grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or typos
  • Receiving the target document formatted identical to the source document
  • Delivery within the agreed deadline
  • Pre- and Post-project support
  • And most of all, a warm and friendly relationship

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